Is there no place to buy cheap FIFA 15 coins?

EA has announced that Trade offers will be taken off the shelves in FUT 15. They claimed that, this decision can effectively protect players from being stolen and keep accounts from account phishers. Along with the announcement of account ban, does the removal of Trade Offers mean trades are absolutely banned in FIFA 15? Is there no place to buy cheap FIFA 15 coins?

Upon this decision out, most FIFA fans express that, they are happy for the increased security, but so pity for the removal of Trade offers, a deal method among friends. Meanwhile, they worry whether FIFA 15 coins cannot be traded in the future. The answer is no.

The removal of Trade Offers has no effect on the in-game auction in FIFA 15. You can still buy FIFA 15 coins from fifa15-coins via the Auction as usual. Although the removal of Trade offers may lead to an increase of FIFA 15 coins, Fifa15-coins promise that we will set a competitive price according the market price. Besides, we will and always give our customers some special offers, like discount code, vouchers and free FIFA coins giveaways.

Although you cannot share coins and players with friends via Trade Offers, you can still get FIFA 15 coins cheap and safe at Fifa15-coins.com all the time.

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